The role and responsibility of the sales team is to bring in new business. (Highly profitable business preferred, and lots of it!)

But whose role and responsibility is it to keep those new clients happy and sending money to you? Not just for today, but for months and years to come?

Most businesses don’t have a team dedicated to retaining clients. So, by default, the job of retaining clients falls onto every team members’ shoulders.

One essential factor of client retention is consistently providing an exceptional experience.

Each of us has had an absolutely lousy experience doing business with a company. It could have been because the business over-promised and under-delivered. It could have been because they took too long to respond when you had an issue with the product they shipped or because they never returned your phone calls. Regardless of what they did or didn’t do, on a scale of one to ten, they’d score low.

On the other hand, I believe that at one time or another each of us has an absolutely exceptional experience doing business with a company. They delivered as promised. Their response to your call is prompt, courteous, and professional. They made a special effort to contact you in 30 days to make sure things were working to your complete satisfaction. We’d score them at the top of the scale––at a nine or ten.

I’ve found that creating this exceptional experience not only impacts your customer or client base. It also impacts team members and workers inside your business. Imagine what your business would look like if everyone within your organization treated each and every team member, each and every activity, contact, call, with or on behalf of your clients, as the single-most important activity of the day.

Bottom line: Everyone has a role to play in client retention. So, create a plan. Train your entire team. Because without a proactive and company-wide client retention process and training, there’s no telling how much business could be walking out the door––lost and gone forever.